Energy & Natural Resource Security, Inc.

Government and commercially owned energy and natural resource systems are primary targets for terrorists, rogue organizations and enemy states. Ensuring the resilience of energy and natural resource systems mandates vigilance, contingency planning, and training. This effort requires energy stakeholders be actively engaged in protecting these valued assets. Energy & Natural Resource Security, Inc. (ENRS) is superbly equipped to meet this need.

Our Mission

The ENRS mission is to ensure Energy & Natural Resource asset owners/operators achieve Resiliency and maintain Continuity of Ops by mitigating Risk throughout their asset’s operational life cycle – an endstate that is met long-term by the implementation of “best-in-class” security solutions.

Competitive Advantages:

  • ENRS is staffed by global security professionals who provide real world operational defense, security, and crisis response expertise regarding the protection and risk mitigation of energy assets.
  • ENRS employs “best in class” security solutions as well as deployable environmental and social framework security solutions to provide the full spectrum of effective and sustainable security measures.
  • ENRS solutions are inherently designed with flexibility and scalability so that dynamic operational requirements are consistently satisfied.
  • ENRS has the leadership, experience, and relevant first-hand knowledge of the socio-political dynamics of emerging and frontier markets allowing us to positively influence and maintain effective and stable security operations for our clients.