Energy Security Risk & Resiliency Assessment (ESRRA)

  • Assess and understand current exposure to risk
  • Analyze threats, existing vulnerabilities and criticalities
  • Advise and recommend based upon ESRRA Results
  • Transition to Energy Resiliency
  • Execute periodic reviews to maintain Energy Resiliency

Tactical Security Solutions (TSS)

  • Security Consulting & Advisory Support
  • Physical Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Maritime & Port Security
  • Training of Personnel
  • Compliance & Certification
  • Equipment Program Sourcing & Integration
  • Market Trends & Analysis

Domain Awareness Superiority (DAS)

Domain Awareness Superiority (DAS) provides full-spectrum awareness of an energy asset’s domain of operations (the land, air, sea, and the personnel) using sensors, detection devices and human information networks.

ENRS’s expertise in DAS and Sensor plan development / employment will enable the clients to make accurate, dynamic and confident decisions in response to the vast array of threats and crises that can impinge upon the integrity and resiliency of daily operations.

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